To help you plan and evaluate your Archie’s Math event, we provide:

Exhibit Guides with photos and activity cards for each exhibit. Teachers use the guide to choose the exhibits for their grade level and classwork.

Explainer Guides with step by step notes to help Explainers prepare for an Archie event and explain the exhibits during the event. Explainers. help students have a successful learning experience at each exhibit.

Math Hero cards
All students receive Math Hero trading cards. Each card pictures a Hero and tells of remarkable accomplishments in Math and life.

Sample Grant Application
You can use the content in this sample grant application to help you fill out your grant application to Education Foundations or other program funders.

Click below to download sample grant application and attachments.

Pre – Post tests

At the school’s option, teachers can use a pre-post attitude quiz which shows changes in student’s attitude about math, before and after an Archie’s Math event. Questions include: Do you like math? Are you good at Math? Do you think Math will be useful in your life? The quiz results are always amazing.

Activity worksheets
At the school’s option, students can complete activity sheets at each exhibit. These are not tests, just activity sheets which help students remember key math principles at each exhibit.

Teacher Questionnaires
At the school’s option, teachers can complete a questionnaire which helps Archie’s Math understand how we can improve the program and provide materials for teacher’s use in the classroom before and after an Archie’s Math event.